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November 1

1861- Gen. Winfield Scott resigns as Federal General-in-Chief, to be replaced by
Gen. George. B. McClellan.

November 2

1861- Maj. Gen. John C. Frémont is relieved of command of the Union's Western

1862- Grant launches a campaign from the Tennessee border to capture Vicksburg,

November 3

1816- Jubal Anderson Early (CSA) is born in Franklin County, Va.

November 4

1862- With conquest of Vicksburg in mind, Gen. Grant's forces occupy La Grange
and Grand Junction, Tenn.

      - The Republicans suffer a setback in congressional and state elections in the

1863- Longstreet's troops are detached from Bragg to attack Burnside at Knoxville.

November 5

1818- Benjamin Franklin Butler (USA) is born in Deerfield, N.H.

1862- Pres. Lincoln relieves McClellan of command of the Army of the Potomac,
replacing him with Burnside.

November 6

1860- Lincoln is elected president of the United States.

1861- Davis and Stephens are elected to full six-year terms as Confederate
President and vice-president.

November 7

1837- Elijah Parish Lovejoy (b. 1802), U.S. abolitionist and newspaperman, is killed
in a riot over the slavery issue; becomes known as the "martyr abolitionist.

1861- Grant suffers a tactical defeat at Belmont, Mo.

      - Flag Officer Samuel F. Du Pont's Federal forces take Port Royal, S.C.

November 8

1861- Capt. Charles Wilkes seizes the Confederate envoys James M. Madison and
John Slidell, aboard the British mail steamer Trent .

1864- Abraham Lincoln is reelected president of the U.S., with Andrew Johnson of
Tennessee as vice-president.

November 9

1825- A.P. (Ambrose Powell) Hill (CSA) is born in Culpepper, Va.

1860- South Carolina calls a secession convention.

1861- Brig. Gen. Don Carlos Buell replaces Sherman.

November 10

1860- South Carolina's James Chestnut, a moderate, resigns from the Senate, to be
followed by his colleague James H. Hammond.

1862- Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan takes an emotional, spectacular farewell of
the Army of the Potomac.

1863- Lee withdraws to a line on the Rapidan River after the indecisive Bristoe

November 11

1864- Federals at Rome, Ga., destroy bridges, foundries, warehouses, and other
property of use to the enemy and proceed toward Atlanta.

November 12

1861- The Confederate blockade-runner Fingal, bought in England, arrives in
Savannah with military supplies.

November 13

1814- Joseph (Fighting Joe) Hooker (USA) is born in Hadley, Mass.

November 14

1862- In New Orleans, a proclamation calls for election of members of the U.S.
Congress fro portions of the state held by Federals.

November 15

1860- Maj. Robert Anderson is sent to take command of Charleston defenses.

1861- The YMCA organizes the U.S. Christian Commission for service to Federal

November 16

1864- Gen. Sherman and 60,000 Union troops leave burned-out Atlanta, beginning
their famous March to the Sea.

November 17

1862- Burnside reaches the north bank of the Rappahannock River, opposite
Fredericksburg, Va.

1863- Confederate siege of Knoxville Tenn., gets under way; partial siege of
Chattanooga continues.

November 18

1864- Pres. Davis tells Gen. Howell Cobb at Macon to "get out every man who can
render any service even for a short period" to oppose Sherman.

November 19

1861- Maj. Gen. Henry W. Halleck replaces Frémont in command of the Union
forces in Missouri.

1863- Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address at a dedication ceremony
for the new national cemetery.

1864- Hood, joined by Forrest's cavalry, opens a drive on Nashville.

November 20

1862- Gen. Lee arrives at Fredericksburg, Va., as buildup of Union and Confederate
troops continue on the Rappahannock.

1863- Sherman arrives at Chattanooga with reinforcements from the Army of the

November 21

1861- Pres. Davis names Judah P. Benjamin secretary of the war.

1862- Lee's army entrenches in a defensive position at Fredericksburg.

      - Pres. Davis appoints James A. Seddon as Confederate Secretary of War.

November 22

1864- Gen. Slocum's wing of Sherman's army occupies Georgia state capital at

November 23

1803- Theodore Dwight Weld "The Great Abolitionist is born in Hampton, Conn.

1860- Anderson asks for reinforcements at Charleston.

1863- Thomas opens the Battle of Chattanooga by taking Orchard Knob in front of
Missionary Ridge.

November 24

1862- Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston is assigned to the major command in
the West, comprising six states.

1863- Hooker pushes Bragg's men off Lookout Mountain; Sherman crosses the
Tennessee River to attack the opposite end of Bragg's Missionary Ridge line.

November 25

1863- Sherman's attack on Bragg's right is halted; Thomas' Army of the Cumberland
charges up Missionary Ridge to rout the Confederates; Bragg retreats into

1864- Confederate agents set fires in ten or more New York hotels and in Barnum's
Museum; none does serious damage.

November 26

1861- A convention at Wheeling adopts a constitution for a new state to be called
West Virginia, created by secession from Virginia.

1863- Meade crosses the Rapidan River to probe the Army of Northern Virginia's
defenses along Mine Run, west of Chancellorsville.

November 27

1863- Gen. John Hunt Morgan and several of his officers escape from the Ohio
State Penitentiary and manage to reach Confederate Territory.

November 28

1860- Anderson calls again for reinforcements.

1861- Southern Congress officially admits Missouri to the Confederate States of

November 29

1863- Longstreet unsuccessfully attacks Union Fort Sanders, guarding Knoxville.

November 30

1861- The British government demands the release of Mason and Slidell and an
apology for their seizure.

1862- Jackson arrives at Fredericksburg from the Shenandoah Valley.

1863- Gathering his defeated army in northwest Georgia, Braxton Bragg learns that
his resignation has been accepted by Jefferson Davis.

1864- Hood makes a heavy frontal attack on Schofield at Franklin, Tenn., but fails to
cut off his retreat to Nashville; five Confederate generals are killed.