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           |   UNION   |

The Battle Cry of Freedom

God Bless the Old Sixth Corps

Grafted Into the Army

The Invalid Corps

The New York Volunteer

Kingdom Comin'

Lincoln & Liberty, Too

Marching Through Georgia

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!

We Are Coming Father Abr'am

We Are Marching On To Richmond

When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea

     |   CONFEDERATE   |

The Bonnie Blue Flag

The Brass Mounted Army


Goober Peas


Maryland, My Maryland

Ridin' a Raid

The South (I Love Thee More)

Stonewall Jackson's Way

Stonewall's Requiem

The Upidee Song

We Conquer or Die

  |   A SOLDIER'S LIFE   |

All Quiet Along the Potomac

Aura Lea

Do They Miss Me At Home?

For the Dear Old Flag I Die

Just Before the Battle, Mother

Little Major

The Minstrel Boy

Mother Would Comfort Me

The Rebel Soldier

The Southern Soldier

Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground

When Johnny Comes Marching Home


The Faded Coat of Blue

Go Down, Moses

The Homespun Dress

Johnny Is Gone For a Soldier

Kathleen, Mavoureen

My Father, How Long?

My Old Kentucky Home

Oh, I'm A Good Old Rebel


Sixty-Three Is the Jubilee

Somebody's Darling

The Southern Soldier Boy