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Stonewall's Requiem
The muffled drum is beating,
There's a sad and solemn tread.
Our Banner's draped in mourning,
As it shrouds th'illustrious dead.
Proud forms are bent with sorrow
And all Southern hearts are sore,
The Hero now is sleeping,
Noble Stonewall is no more.
'Mid the rattling of the muskets
And the cannon's thund'rous roar,
He stain'd the field of glory
With his brave life's precious gore.
And tho' our flag waved proudly,
We were victors ere sunset,
The gallant deeds of Chancellorsville,
Will mingle with regret.

They've borne him to an honor'd grave
The Laurel crown his brow,
By hallow'd James' silent wave
He's sweetly sleeping now
Virginia to the South is dear
She holds a sacred trust
Our fallen braves from far and near
Are cover'd with her dust
She shrines the spot where now is laid
The bravest of them all
The Martyr of our country's cause
Our Idoliz'd Stonewall.
But tho' his spirit's wafted
To the happy realms above
His name shall live forever link'd
With reverence and love.