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September 1

1862- Union Maj. Gen. Philip Kearny and Isaac I. Stevens are killed as Jackson
attacks Pope's forces at Chantilly, Va.

1864- Hood evacuates Atlanta after Sherman reaches Jonesboro, south of the city.

September 2

1862- Pope is replaced by McClellan, who takes over the defense of Washington.

      - Kirby Smith occupies Lexington, Ky.

1863- Burnside occupies Knoxville.

1864- Hood establishes a Confederate defense line at Lovejoy's Station, south of

      - Union forces under Gen. Sherman occupy Atlanta.

September 3

1864- In Charleston Harbor, Confederate and Union forces exchange captive
surgeons and chaplains.

September 4

1861- Confederate Maj. Gen. Leonidas Polk seizes Columbus, Ky., ending the
state's neutrality.

1863- Bragg retreats as Rosecrans crosses the Tennessee River in his advance
upon Chattanooga.

1864- Sherman orders civilians out of Atlanta.

      - The famed Confederate raider and cavalry leader John Hunt Morgan is killed in
a Federal raid on Greeneville, Tenn.

September 5

1862- Lee crosses the Potomac into Maryland, opening his first invasion of the

1863- Under pressure from the U.S., the British do not deliver two ironclads they
have been building for the Confederates.

September 6

1819- William Starke Rosecrans (USA) is born in Delaware County, Ohio.

1861- Union troops under Grant take Paducah, Ky.

September 7

1862- Lee reaches Frederick, Md.

1863- Fort Wagner, guarding Charleston, is occupied by Union troops.

1864- Sherman orders the civilians that still have not left Atlanta to evacuate the city
so that he might more easily feed and supply his army.

September 8

1863- Union Rear Adm. John A. Dahlgren's attack on Fort Sumter is repulsed.

      - Confederates repulse an attack by Union gunboats and transports at Sabine
Pass, on the Texas-Louisiana border.

1864- McClellan accepts the Democratic Presidential nomination without endorsing
the peace platform.

September 9

1862- Lee splits his army and sends Jackson to capture Harpers Ferry, preparatory
to invading Pennsylvania.

1863- Federal troops enter Chattanooga after Bragg retreats into northern Georgia.

September 10

1836- Joseph (Fighting Joe) Wheeler (CSA) is born in Augusta, Ga.

1861- General Albert Sidney Johnston is given command of the Confederate armies
in the west.

1863- Union Maj. Gen. Frederick Steele seizes Little Rock, Ark.

September 11

1861- Lincoln orders Frémont to modify his Missouri slave and property confiscation
proclamation to conform to the Confiscation Act.

      - Lee begins the 5-day Cheat Mountain (Va.) Campaign, which ends in a
Confederate withdrawal that dims Lee's reputation for some months.

September 12

1818- Richard Jordan Gatling, inventor of the first machine gun (Gatling gun), for use
in the Civil War, is born in Hertford County, N.C.

September 13

1862- McClellan finds a lost copy of Lee's orders, rapped around a cigar, revealing
the Confederate troop deployment.

1863- Southern cavalry seize 20 crewman of the U.S.S. Rattler while they attend
church at Rodney, Miss.

September 14

1862- McClellan breaks through the South Mountain passes at the Battles of
Crampton's Gap and South Mountain, forcing Lee to concentrate at
Sharpsburg, Md.

September 15

1862- Confederates under Jackson capture Harpers Ferry, taking about 12,000

September 16

1862- McClellan is in position at Antietem Creek near Sharpsburg; Lee gathers his
forces and forms lines.

September 17

1861- Judah P. Benjamin succeeds Leroy P. Walker as the Confederate Secretary
of War, and Thomas Bragg replaces Benjamin as Attorney General.

1862- McClellan repeatedly attacks Lee in the Battle of Antietem, but neither side
can claim a victory in the single bloodiest day of the war.

      - Bragg captures Munfordville, Ky., astride Buell's communications with

1863- Rosecrans concentrates his dispersed troops near Chickamauga Creek in
northern Georgia.

September 18

1862- Lee retreats to Virginia in the night, ending his invasion threat.

1863- Longstreet's corps begins to arrive by rail from Virginia to reinforce Bragg.

September 19

1862- Grant sends Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans to defeat Confederate Maj.
Gen. Sterling Price at Iuka, Miss.

1863- The Battle of Chickamauga opens as the Federals left under Thomas absorbs
Confederate assaults.

1864- Sterling Price opens a Confederate raid on Missouri.

      - Federal troops under Sheridan defeat Early's Confederates in the Third Battle
of Winchester, Va.

September 20

1861- Rebels under Sterling Price capture the Union garrison at Lexington, Mo.

1863- Longstreet breaks the Federal line at Chickamauga; Thomas holds enough for
Rosecrans' beaten army to escape to Chattanooga.

September 21

1863- Retreating from defeat at Chickamauga, the Federal army occupies a strong
defensive position in and around Chattanooga, Tenn.

September 22

1862- President Lincoln declares all slaves in rebellious states to be free as of
January 1, 1863 in his Emancipation Proclamation.

      - Bragg reaches Bardstown, Ky., abandoning his drive on Louisville and
seeking a juncture with Kirby Smith.

1864- Sheridan routs Early at Fisher's Hill, Va.

      - Frémont withdraws from the Presidential race.

September 23

1829- George Crook (USA) is born near Dayton, Ohio.

1863- Bragg occupies Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain to begin the
Confederate siege if Chattanooga.

September 24

1862- Fourteen Northern governors meet at Altoona, Pa., and approve

1863- 15,000 reinforcements under Hooker from the Army of the Potomac leave
Virginia for Chattanooga.

1864- Lincoln asks for Montgomery Blair's resignation as U.S. Postmaster General
and replaces him with William Dennison.

September 25

1864- Union troops under Sheridan force Jubal Early's Confederates retreat before
them as they advance toward Staunton and Waynesborough, Va.

September 26

1863- President Lincoln and others are distressed when the New York Post reveals
the movement of reinforcements to Chattanooga.

September 27

1809- Raphael Semmes, Confederate naval commander responsible for destruction
or capture of 64 Union ships, is born in Charles County, Md.

September 28

1863- Federal Gens. Alexander McCook and T.L. Crittenden are relieved of their
commands and ordered to a court of inquiry because of reasons due to the
Battle of Chickamauga.

1864- Hood crosses the Chattahoochee River to strike at Sherman's supply lines.

      - Sherman sends Thomas to Nashville to contain Forrest in western

September 29

1862- Buell reaches Louisville, Ky.

      - Federal Brig. Gen. Jefferson Davis (no relation) shoots and mortally wounds
Brig. Gen. William "Bull" Nelson during a quarrel in a hotel in Louisville.

1864- In an attempted advance on Richmond, Grant captures Fort Harrison but is
repulsed at Fort Gilmer in the Battle of New Market Heights, Va.

September 30

1864- Lee unsuccessfully counterattacks Fort Harrison.